Gold and Black Satin and lace suspender belt

Welcome to our New Site

Welcome to our new website,  With our new design, we wanted to make your shopping experience with us simpler and enjoyable and we hope you love the new look like we do. It has taken 3 months to build from the ground up with lots of bells and whistles that were not on theContinue reading

do women need to wear bras

Do Women Need to Wear Bras?

Do we Really Need our Bra or is it Purely a Lifestyle Choice? I was scanning through other lingerie blogs recently & I remember seeing a post from somebody which got me thinking. She stated that the “need” for women to wear bras is a failure in our human evolution. Wow I thought, that’s one wayContinue reading

Do you wear stockings or tights?

Stockings or Tights?

Will you be seduced by the return of stockings? They are hidden from view but surely there’s no mistaking who wears stockings There’s more choice in the shops, but is it really so easy to tell who wears what? Helen Carroll asked five women to reveal their secrets Hidden from view they may be, butContinue reading

our top 5 picks for valentines day

Lingerie for Valentines Day

Only just recovering from the Xmas break which we spent in New York and already Valentines Day is almost upon us. It seriously has taken this long to get over, going back to work actually felt relaxing after 2 weeks of what I can only describe as ‘mania’ in NYC. It really is an amazingContinue reading

Lingerie Gift Ideas from Swanky Pins

Lingerie Gift Ideas

5 Lingerie Gift Ideas – Either as a treat for yourself or for someone else As we are die-hard fans of the retro styles, obviously we think they are the best choice for all ladies 🙂  Modern suspender belts for instance are far more befitting to girls with virtually no body fat, ladies without aContinue reading

lingerie for xmas

Xmas Party Lingerie Ideas

With the Christmas season approaching fast, its time to start thing about what to wear for those endless Xmas parties, dinners and family gatherings. To justify your spend on an outrageously priced party outfit, despite the fact that it’s ‘perfect’ for you, its essential to turn that great outfit into absolutely fabulous by pairing itContinue reading