White Cotton Hosiery Gloves

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Protect your Tights and Stockings with our White Cotton Hosiery Gloves


Product Description

Glamory White Cotton Hosiery Gloves

Anyone who wears hosiery whether tights or stockings knows that a good pair of hosiery gloves is essential. It’s not just your finger nails that can ruin a pair of stockings – ‘hangnails’, rough skin and jewellery can also snag or cause ladders before you’ve even stepped out the door.

A good pair of cotton hosiery gloves creates a thin barrier between the ‘threats’ on your hands and the fabric of the tights so minimises risks from all of the above, and for a small outlay can save an expensive pair of tights which can then be worn many times over.

Size: One Size
Style: Glamory

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