Suspender Belts – Which Belt is Right for You?

When we think of the stockings and suspender belt combination, we’re normally imagining sexy, sophisticated, glamorous movie star and we all want to feel a bit of these things in ourselves. They can also be practical, slimming (depending on style chosen) and hygienic.

If you wear stockings, you will know that it’s all about choosing the right belt to keep them in place. A good supportive belt will sit snugly on the waist, a skimpy one that is worn around the hips is unlikely to keep stockings firmly in place and is better suited to the boudoir than for everyday use. All suspender belts are NOT the same despite the fact that their purpose is to perform the same function – i.e. hold your stockings securely.

Getting the size right is important, suspenders shouldn’t strain or press into your flesh – a too-small belt not only looks unflattering, but it will also be uncomfortable to wear as well. Choose by the exact size of your natural waist, anything too large will slip – meaning your stockings slide too.

Straps must be adjustable, if they are too long your stockings will droop and if they are too short there won’t be enough ‘stretch’ when you sit down and it will tug at the belt either causing it to slide down or creating discomfort to the wearer.

For anyone self-conscious about ‘lumps & bumps’ a retro style suspender belt is ideal as they are usually deep meaning they will lie smoothly over the tummy and hips – the same goes for a vintage style open bottom or skirt girdle with suspenders, or even a lightly boned belt which will pull you in in all the right places.

It is also wise to go for metal clips and at least 3/4” straps as plastic clips are usually smaller and more fiddly than their metal counterparts and narrow straps are ‘flimsy’.

Number of Suspender Straps

4 straps are generally placed to the front and back, leaving your stockings ‘drooping’ at the sides so for an avid wearer these are best avoided.  A 6 strap suspender belt is a far better option for keeping everything as it should be.  In the image below you can clearly see the benefits of those extra straps – the 6 strap is a deep mesh which sits on the waist, flattens the tummy and keeps stockings supported at the top – whereas the 4 strap fits across the hips (not ideal if you have a slight ‘overhang’ you wish to hide) and the stockings droop at the sides.   Yes, we are slightly biased because we love the retro vintage styles as opposed to the modern ones but they also make sense on a practical note.
4 versus 6 strap suspender belts

8 straps are perfect for super straight seams and FF stockings as they prevent any movement, and 10 straps will almost act like superglue – as long as you have chosen the right waist size in the first place.  12 straps and more can become fiddly and are generally preferred for evening wear or by the fetish community.

The stockings you choose to wear with your belt are also important.  Fully fashioned or RHT stockings are usually best left for evening wear as not only are they expensive to buy but are more likely to ‘pull’ and ladder than a modern Lycra based pair that have plenty of stretch.  A deep thicker welt makes it less likely to ‘hole’ when attaching the suspender clips and stockings with seams should only be worn with 6+ strap belts if you are hoping to keep straight seams all day long.

Our range of carefully selected suspender belts, most styles of which are inspired by the glamorous 1950’s look, include 4, 6, 8 and 10 strap belts, waspies and girdles, that are designed for comfortable all-day use.

When it comes to choosing the right suspender belt for you – get it right and you’ll look sexy, feel sensuous and be comfortable all day long.  Get it wrong however and you could end up with lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, saggy stockings, and look more Readers Wives than sultry and alluring.