Stop and Stare Tattoo Tights

Retro Style Tattoo Tights by Stop & Stare Hosiery

Retro Style Tattoo Tights by Stop & Stare

So you’ve thought about getting a tattoo on your leg but are not quite sure if its right for you? Stop & Stare hosiery have come up with the perfect solution – realistic hand painted tattoo designs on Italian based nude 20 denier tights.

These tattoo tights look just like the real thing, the designs offer exquisite detail and are loud, proud and gorgeous. Plus of course they are removable at night whereas with needle and ink you live with your tat for life. If you fancy a different leg picture on a daily basis – no problem, Stop & Stare currently offer 49 different tattoo tights, with knee high socks and holdup stockings in the pipeline.

We have chosen to stock the styles based on retro tattoos such as roses, swallows and serpents as these were common designs back in the 50’s and in keeping with our love of the era.  I had my first tattoo, the ‘sailors’ swallow in 1978 after a few drinks at a Rock ‘n’ Roll weekender when designs were aimed purely at men and were mostly of topless women.  At the time and especially outside my circle of friends, very few women had them and I remember standing at Vauxhall Cross in London on my way to work that summer waiting to cross the road when a van driver spat on me and called me ‘slag’ after staring at my arm.  How times have changed!

The tights themselves are of premium Italian quality and have been tested to the tune of 9 days wear with heels and up to 2 weeks in flat shoes which is really quite impressive for sheer 20 denier tights. Although they are in a higher price bracket than your ‘average’ pair of tights, their durability and perfect recovery after wear makes them well worth the extra few quid.

The sheer nude covers any flaws in your legs and gives a healthy sheen to your skin and all tights are sheer to the waist so perfect for the shortest of skirts or shorts. They also have flat seams, small cotton gusset and reinforced toes so are ideally suited to open toe sandals.

In our view, these retro tattoo tights are the perfect way to enhance your legs this summer so thanks to Stop & Stare hosiery for creating these wonderful tights.

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