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Retro Lingerie from Swanky PinsWelcome to our new website, Swankypins.co.uk.  With our new design, we wanted to make your shopping experience with us simpler and enjoyable and we hope you love the new look like we do.

It has taken 3 months to build from the ground up with lots of bells and whistles that were not on the old site such as price filtering,  sort by colour, language choice, wishlists and more.    The colour scheme, whilst basically the same as the old site are based on two of my favourite 50’s rockabilly classics and cars – “Pink Cadillac” (Sammy Masters) and “Black & White Thunderbird” (The Delicates),  and the retro theme of both the site and the products reflects my personal love of this fabulous era.

The whole decade of the 50’s reflects style, glamour and a time where ladies always looked so ‘perfect’ – from glamorous pin-up girls and big screen sirens to the ‘humble’ housewife, whose husband never came home to his wife cooking dinner in a towelling dressing gown, fleecy pyjamas and a large pair of furry slippers in the shape of a chicken.

We have concentrated on vintage style products based on the styles worn by some of our favourite pin-ups such as Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors, and burlesque queen Tempest Storm and have a range of retro style lingerie, hosiery and shapewear to enable today’s modern ladies to re-create some of the elegance of those times with alluring and sophisticated lingerie.

We hope you like it – but if you don’t, we also have some sexy modern styles!

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    Due to poor circulation my husband has to wear support stockings and I am looking for a sturdy belt to hold them up for him. He has tried using my suspender belts but finds them too flimsy, do you have anything suitable in stock please.
    Hope you can help
    Mrs C Davies


    I commend your site for all you offer. I like to indulge in cross dressing at times. I’ve found your site offers every thing someone like me would want. Along with that your side-line articles regarding cross dressing, lingerie, have been a great guide-line for me. Thank you!!



    Hi, As a guy very much into retro lingerie and having just found your site, felt I had to say what a delight it is and will keep checking to find something I really can’t resist.


    Wearing daily a vintage girdle for both men and women are really surprisingly very beneficial and not really known.
    Growing up in a home with my mom, aunt, and grandmother who were without question daily in a girdle or a corset, I used to overhear them talking about how much they really loved being girdled or corseted. I had always wondered as a male could I experience the same thing as they did. I located a professional spencer corsetiere who told me that it didn’t make any difference if you are a male of a female the benefits of wearing daily a vintage girdle are real. I decided to find out and I set up an appointment and went in for a fitting and some girdle training. First she sat me down and talked to me about my life style and she evaluated my body – I have a mild case of scolosis, plus weakness in my stomach area, I am very active and for work I work sitting working on computers. She then measured my hips and waist and choose a long legged high waisted firm boned and zippered panty girdle – she picked a girdle just 2 sizes smaller to give my stomach and back needed control and support. Next she had to teach me how to put on a girdle, lay down on a bed lean way back pull up my knees and pull up my girdle and hook the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper and stand up. When I stood up I was totally amazed how great I felt being all well encased and held in by the girdle. She also recommended that I keep my stomach muscles relaxed and let the girdle give my stomach and back well needed control and support – she told me this can take a few weeks of daily wearing a girdle to get use to. She also recommended which I followed what she told me to develop a daily routine wake up clean up put on a girdle and go on with my day. What I found to my pleasant surprise how beneficial wearing a decent vintage girdle really is – your posture is 100% improved, your clothes fit so much better, and once you keep your stomach muscle totally relaxed and just rely completely on your girdle to support your stomach and back you find you have much much moe energy and you feel great. What does happen after a few weeks of daily wearing a girdle you do get to the point you really love being in a girdle and you do not feel dressed unless you are well girdled everyday. What totally amazes me is why women gave up vintage girdles – the benefits are real.


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