Do Women Need to Wear Bras?

Do we Really Need our Bra or is it Purely a Lifestyle Choice?

do women need to wear brasI was scanning through other lingerie blogs recently & I remember seeing a post from somebody which got me thinking.

She stated that the “need” for women to wear bras is a failure in our human evolution. Wow I thought, that’s one way I’ve never looked at a bra before.

And perhaps she’s right. I literally don’t think I could survive this world bra-less.

I questioned other things such as – do we “need” shoes ? Well, no, we don’t “need” shoes in a survival sense but it would sure as hell be far less comfortable roaming the streets without something that’ll protect our feet from broken shards of glass & chips of stone. Not to mention your bosses dissatisfaction when you arrive at the office barefoot.

The bra can be looked at in a similar way.

SO why do women wear bras ?

  • Prevent the movement of breasts, in return, reducing chaffing & discomfort.
  • Hide nipples from people we are not sexually intimate with.
  • Delay sagging
  • Highlight & flatter our bodies
  • Help show cleavage
  • Prevent backache
  • Control sweat
  • Comply with western normswomen, love your bra

Ultimately, none of the above give any justification for the “need” to wear a bra a bra and it’s certainly not a medical necessity. We wear a bra for 3 reasons – comfort, image & practicality.

Although we have always been told that we need to wear one to prevent sagging, a scientific researcher now advises us to STOP wearing bras in order to get perkier breasts. He states: “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

When asking if wearing a bra is a failure to our human evolution. The answer is no, no it’s not. No more than babies wearing nappies is a failure to human evolution. At the end of the day, the wearing or not wearing of a bra is a personal choice but not actually necessary to our well-being.

Will this make me stop wearing a bra, HA! Not in a million years. I’m not dedicating myself to a life of chafing & sweating.


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    Do women need to wear a bra – absolutly without question. Choosing not to wear a bra can create over years of not wearing a bra some very unhealthy things to your figure where your breasts will sag and is not good for you, you can prevent this by choosing to be in a bra everyday.

    Wearing daily both a bra and girdle do go very much together and the benefits are real your posture is reallly much improved, your clothes fit smooth and so much better, and you find when in both a bra and girdle you really find you feel great. The benefits of both a bra and a girdle are real.


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