Do Women Need to Wear Bras?

Do we Really Need our Bra or is it Purely a Lifestyle Choice?

do women need to wear brasI was scanning through other lingerie blogs recently & I remember seeing a post from somebody which got me thinking.

She stated that the “need” for women to wear bras is a failure in our human evolution. Wow I thought, that’s one way I’ve never looked at a bra before.

And perhaps she’s right. I literally don’t think I could survive this world bra-less.

I questioned other things such as – do we “need” shoes ? Well, no, we don’t “need” shoes in a survival sense but it would sure as hell be far less comfortable roaming the streets without something that’ll protect our feet from broken shards of glass & chips of stone. Not to mention your bosses dissatisfaction when you arrive at the office barefoot.

The bra can be looked at in a similar way.

SO why do women wear bras ?

  • Prevent the movement of breasts, in return, reducing chaffing & discomfort.
  • Hide nipples from people we are not sexually intimate with.
  • Delay sagging
  • Highlight & flatter our bodies
  • Help show cleavage
  • Prevent backache
  • Control sweat
  • Comply with western normswomen, love your bra

Ultimately, none of the above give any justification for the “need” to wear a bra a bra and it’s certainly not a medical necessity. We wear a bra for 3 reasons – comfort, image & practicality.

Although we have always been told that we need to wear one to prevent sagging, a scientific researcher now advises us to STOP wearing bras in order to get perkier breasts. He states: “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

When asking if wearing a bra is a failure to our human evolution. The answer is no, no it’s not. No more than babies wearing nappies is a failure to human evolution. At the end of the day, the wearing or not wearing of a bra is a personal choice but not actually necessary to our well-being.

Will this make me stop wearing a bra, HA! Not in a million years. I’m not dedicating myself to a life of chafing & sweating.


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