Suspender Belts – 5 Top Questions Answered

The 5 Top Questions asked about Suspender Belts

retro style deep suspender beltsI am not going to try and reinvent the wheel with this guide to suspender belts, all the information can be found dotted around elsewhere on the web so instead I have taken a selection of the main 5 questions that seem to be asked and in some cases ncluded links under the main headings to the some of the best information I have found rather than re-write it.

Who Invented the Suspender Belt?

Although suspender belts have been around for 100’s of years in a variety of different forms for both men and women, they were not really invented as we know them until around the 1920’s. Who decided to cut them from the Edwardian style corset down to the waist supported belt of today? I have done a lot of research for a name, but so far haven’t come up with anything. If anyone knows who invented the suspender belt as we know it, please do let me know.

How Should a Suspender Belt be Worn?

There does seem to be some controversy over how to wear a suspender belt, whether it is worn over or under your knickers – mainly due to the awkwardness in going to the loo. Some designs, those with frills for instance, will not sit well or smoothly under knickers and most advertising will show the belt worn over your knickers or thong,however there is no right or wrong way, just whatever is most comfortable for you.

For aesthetic purposes, the suspender belt always looks better and gives a smoother line under clothing when worn on top of your knickers, which is why they are generally photographed in this way. It is easy enough to unclip the hook & eye fitting at the back and pull the whole lot down with stockings attached. The same applies to girdles with back fastenings/waspies/corselettes & corsets with suspender straps.

Another alternative is to try a roll down suspender belt / girdle which can easily pull up and down with panties.

I have previously had customers who had problems attaching a suspender belt to holdup stockings, but this is always going to be an issue as the silicon in hold-ups is designed to stay up without the need for a suspender belt and can prevent the clips from securing properly. It is always best to buy stockings to wear with a suspender belt, not stay-ups.

How to Connect your Suspender Belt to Stockings?

I think the simplest way to connect the suspender belt to the stockings is to attach the front clips first, then put your foot up on a chair which enables you to reach around to the back of leg and clip your stockings in place. It is far easier to watch and learn than to read text, so here is a video which will show you how to put on a suspender belt step by step.  How to connect stockings to a suspender belt. 

How to Choose the Right Suspender Belt

How to wear a suspender beltIt can be difficult to keep seams straight when going about your normal daily activities so it is always best to choose a suspender belt with a minimum of 6 straps. The addition of a strap to the outside of the leg makes all the difference. A 4 strap holds up only the front and the back and nothing can ruin the elegant effect of stockings quicker than a crooked seam.

Most 6+ strap designs are also much deeper than a typical thin 4 strap and the extra fabric around the stomach and hips creates a smooth line under clothing, helps with keeping everything in place and are much more comfortable to wear. The more clips you have on your belt, the more secure your stockings will be and the more comfortable it will be for the wearer.

A good quality suspender belt will have a choice of hook & eye fastenings, metal clips and satin ribbons covering the clasps to prevent rubbing and showing through clothing.

Treacle, founder of The Lingerie Addict blog has some helpful advice on how to choose the right suspender belt for you.

If you are self-conscious about any lumps & bumps or have a bit of a tummy, deep retro styles are the perfect choice as they will provide smoothing support over the hips and tummy area as well as looking glamorous and sexy.

Choosing the right stockings to go with it is also important to prevent sagging or pulling. If your stockings are too short, they will tug on the suspender belt and sit too far down your leg, and if they are too long they will creep down and wrinkle. Buy from a brand that offers specific sizes rather than ‘one size’ to get your perfect fit. Fully fashioned stockings tend to give the best fit as they are sized and shaped to fit the leg.

Where Should a Suspender Belt Sit?

Modern style thin suspender belts will usually sit on the hips, whereas retro styles sit on the waistline and should fit snugly without being too tight or slipping down. When the belt sits on the waist your hips will prevent slipping, keep it in place and help stop constant re-adjustment throughout the day.  Where your suspender belt sits is entirely up to you, some women prefer the lighter weight modern hip styles and others the more secure feeling of a deep retro style, but for daily use we would definately recommend a wider belt which is fitted at the waist.

Any other suspender belt queries? Leave us your comments and we’ll help.


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    I love wearing suspenders and lingerie. Everything attaches perfectly and then of course I shorten or lengthen the actual clip that goes from the suspender belt to the top of the stocking. This is fine. If I need to have it shorter, i.e, have the stocking more taught and secure, I therefore adjust the little thing, like you do a bra strap, but during the course of the day this slips and eventually the stocking isn’t isn’t as tight as it was originally. How can I stop the clip, per se, from slipping?

    Thanks so much.


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