Great Lingerie for Body Confidence

The Power of Lingerie

The Power of Lingerie When I talk about lingerie I mean the ‘nice stuff’ which in my mind is different to general ‘underwear’. Underwear is what I wear whilst sitting here writing blog posts in solitary, (for example M&S full knickers and a completely miss-matching non-wired bra) – I don’t feel the need to lookContinue reading

Housewives of the 1950s

The Glamorous 1950’s Housewife

In the 1950s, glamour was what women wanted most following the austerity of the 1940s. They saw the big screen stars and pinup girls that had curves, nipped waists and high pointed breasts and style icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly and wanted to imitate the look.  Under those full circleContinue reading

our top 5 picks for valentines day

Lingerie for Valentines Day

Only just recovering from the Xmas break which we spent in New York and already Valentines Day is almost upon us. It seriously has taken this long to get over, going back to work actually felt relaxing after 2 weeks of what I can only describe as ‘mania’ in NYC. It really is an amazingContinue reading

Lingerie Gift Ideas from Swanky Pins

Lingerie Gift Ideas

5 Lingerie Gift Ideas – Either as a treat for yourself or for someone else As we are die-hard fans of the retro styles, obviously we think they are the best choice for all ladies 🙂  Modern suspender belts for instance are far more befitting to girls with virtually no body fat, ladies without aContinue reading