Ballerina Hosiery

Our recent new order from Ballerina Hosiery has us pleasantly surprised and we are really impressed with the quality of the stockings and lovely packaging provided for each pair.

Ballerina (Hush Hush) have been known for creating unique collections of quality hosiery for many years, focusing on a high level of quality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail in their designs. The use of advanced equipment and technology during the manufacturing process sees Ballerina as one of the fastest growing hosiery companies in Europe and we can see why – some of their designs are absolutely beautiful and many are unique. It is often the case that we see different companies mirroring the designs of others but here we see some lovely original designs.

They also produce sheer holdups infused with Pheromones, a naturally occurring substance emitted by all of us and said to trigger certain responses in people. I don’t know too much about the science behind it, but I do know that as humans we communicate and react through different odors and certains ‘smells’ change our behavior so I guess the idea behind tights and stockings with pheromones ‘built in’ is to make you more attractive to people you meet.

Anyway, we just placed a small order from Ballerina this time for stockings and holdups, but we’ll definately be going back for more so we hope you like them as much as we do. Check out our stockings or holdups pages or just type ‘ballerina’ in the search box at the top of the page.


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