Lingerie – How to Choose the Right Lingerie

Get your Lingerie Right & Feel a Million Dollars!

Suspender Belts, Choosing LingerieWe all want to wear lingerie that makes us feel good about ourselves. When we leave the house, we want to feel exceptional, confident and appealing to others (whether in a sexual or non-sexual way), and choosing the right undergarments can help us achieve this.

Whereas in the past underwear was designed specifically for concealing your private parts, now there are many lingerie styles available that offer far more than a cover up but not all will be suitable for you. Choosing the right lingerie is essential for that ‘feel good factor’ and should be considered as important, if not more, than your outerwear.

lingerie, shapewear gold pantygirdleIf you have a less than perfect figure, as most women do – or at least perceive that they do, today’s shapewear is perfect for correcting lumps and bumps without looking ‘frumpy’, is comfortable to wear, and just because it is a shaping garment doesn’t mean it cannot look sexy too.   A good pair of firm control pants can make all the difference if you are having a ‘bloat’ day, or you want a smooth line under a fitted dress and corselettes, girdles and waspies – especially those with suspender straps, look super-sexy as well as being practical and holding you in in all the right places.

Most retro style lingerie covers a lot more of you than today’s styles.  Longline bra’s, figure shaping suspender girdles, and deep suspender belts that flatten the stomach area and smooth over the hips are in contrast to more modern styles which tend to be quite ‘skimpy’ and more suited to ladies with less body fat.

Stripping down to your undies to try on lingerie in a small cubicle after traipsing around a shopping centre for hours can be a very disagreeable experience and probably isn’t the best way to engage with new styles or colours.  Lingerie should be tried on in a relaxed environmnet so you can get a true feel for the fabric, the way it hangs, and how it feels and looks on you.    Online shopping is a great way to achieve this as you will feel calmer and less hurried in the comfort and space of your own home.  Okay, if you don’t like what you have ordered you do have the hassle of returning it, but it saves a trip back to the shopping centre if, in the cold light of day, your change your mind about a high street purchase.

Silk and Lace French KnickersFabrics are also important when it comes to feeling great, no-one can fail to feel good in silk but given its price tag, less expensive good quality satin offers a fantastic substitute and a gorgeous pair of well fitted satin and lace French knickers which drape nicely over the hips will boost your confidence no end.

Lingerie for a special occassion, evenings where you want to feel like a sex goddess,  or just for bedroom wear should be kept separate from your every day underwear as this is likely to be very different from your day to day style.

  • You’re not going to look sexy if you don’t feel confident
  • Whatever your size or shape, only buy what truly feels good as this will be reflected in the way other people see and respond to you.
  • If you are squeezed into tight fitting lingerie that is too small you will be uncomfortable and your discomfort will be reflected in your body language, so always buy the correct size.
  • Your lingerie wardrobe should reflect YOU – your lifestyle, your personality, your individual shape and your current mood.

If you want to feel a million dollars on a daily basis, start by making wise lingerie choices.


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    Great article and I follow this thinking on a daily basis.


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