Cyber-Bullies Attack Lingerie Shoot by Amputee

Vicky Balch amputee lingerie shootReading an article in the Mirror this morning regarding the Alton Towers amputee Vicky Balch’s ( @vickyj_b ) latest boxing shoot, it was pretty disgusting to hear about the attacks on her from cyber bullies for modelling lingerie last month. What is wrong with these people, what do they actually get from abusing someone online – especially when in cases of people like Vicky, they have already been through a traumatic experience and are just trying to rebuild their lives. Are these people sad, lonely, mentally disturbed – because something most definately is lacking in their own lives. ‘Normal’ people have better things to do with their time.

I cannot imagine what her life must be like with the physical and emotional pain she obviously bears and think she should be applauded, not stalked by worthless mindless internet trolls. The photos are actually inspiring in the same way that plus sized women are now used in many advertising campaigns – all women have to wear lingerie whatever their size, shape and number of limbs and they show that any woman can look sexy in her underwear despite any disabilities they may have.

You can read the full article in the Mirror here

Someone commented on the article saying the photos seemed like something you would see in a fetish magazine – really?? These are the style of pictures advertising lingerie all over the net, including our own Swanky Pins website.

Profile of a Cyber Bully/Internet Troll
Low intelligence
Angry & dissatisfied with their lives
Cowards (hides behind a keyboard)
No social life
Loner, few friends if any
Lacks social skills
Likely to be on benefits or a minimum wage job

I may be wrong but this is how I see them and if anyone wants to comment on my profile of these people – please do – I will welcome what you have to say.

Lingerie brand #CurvyKate have used amputees as models in a recent campaign and Thai model #Kanya_Sesser has made a successful living modelling underwear without legs. Did they get the same abuse I wonder ?


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