Lingerie Gift Ideas

5 Lingerie Gift Ideas – Either as a treat for yourself or for someone else

As we are die-hard fans of the retro styles, obviously we think they are the best choice for all ladies 🙂  Modern suspender belts for instance are far more befitting to girls with virtually no body fat, ladies without a totally flat stomach (which is most of us) will not appreciate the thin band tight around the waist with a wobbly belly and hips poking out beneath.   With vintage styles, the belts are deep, meaning a lot more coverage and some help towards flattening the stomach area and smoothing over the hips.  Not to mention that these pinup styles are extremely sexy!

5 Tips on Buying Lingerie Gifts for Someone Else

1. If you are buying lingerie as gifts for someone else, be sure to buy the correct size (if you don’t know, you can do a sneaky search through their underwear drawer to make sure). Buying an XL for a lovely size 10 lady could be taken as insulting and upsetting.  (Does he really think I’m that big?)

2. Make sure the style you choose is HER style – not yours. Don’t buy bright red if she is filled with horror at wearing anything but black, pay attention to what type of style and colour she usually wears.

3. Comfort is essential, scratchy cheap lace or ‘too tight’ stringy bits will not win you brownie points.

4. Avoid non-flattering frills if your lady is a size larger than she’d like to be.

5. Make sure you change exchange or return it, chances are she’d rather chose her own.  Alternatively, buy a lingerie gift voucher giving her full control over what you buy her.

What started as a nice thought could turn into a horrible reality if you get it wrong.

If you are buying for yourself the sky’s the limit!  You know what you like or what you might like to experiment with, so just go for it.  If you don’t like it – send it back, simple.

Here are 5 gift ideas / suggestions based on our most popular selling items:


Go for naturals and nudes with this 6 strap side fastening retro style suspender belt paired with fully fashioned nylon stockings in tan.













Black is a staple in most women’s lingerie drawer and this flattering black 6 strap suspender belt sits moothly over the hips and offers 8 clips in the form of a Y-clip at the front, perfect for day long wear as it holds stockings firmly in place.  We have teamed this with some gorgeous nude and black seamed stockings from Ballerina which come in sizes S – XL


Hot Red – A girdle may not spring to mind as a ‘sexy’ piece of underwear but this red 6 strap panty girdle certainly is!  Perfect for anyone who has over-indulged in the festivities before or over Xmas, and teamed with these leopard print top stockings which are available in red to match, will get temperatures soaring.

floral suspender belt and stockings

Although not in our fave retro style, we love this floral satin and mesh suspender belt.  It is still deep enough to flatter the hips and although it only has 4 straps rather than our preferred 6 or more, it is very good quality and exceptionally pretty.  Teamed with these floral seamed stockings from Veneziana, we think this would make a great gift set.

Black retro style girdles

Finally, for those who feel the need for a little ‘nip and tuck’ over the festive season, we suggest one of these super sexy longline girdles made of a firm control power mesh which will hold you in all the right places, yet still feel comfortable to wear.   On the left, this black 8 strap girdle also comes with 6 or 10 straps, and on the right this high waist retro girdle is available in 6 strap only.   Probably best not chosen as a lingerie gift for someone else unless they specifically ask for a girdle, it may be taken the wrong way 🙁

Happy Shopping xx


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