The Power of Lingerie

the power of lingerie at home, work and playThe Power of Lingerie

When I talk about lingerie I mean the ‘nice stuff’ which in my mind is different to general ‘underwear’. Underwear is what I wear whilst sitting here writing blog posts in solitary, (for example M&S full knickers and a completely miss-matching non-wired bra) – I don’t feel the need to look great, boost my confidence or feel sexy. Lingerie is what I wear ‘out’.

Lingerie for Body Confidence

In today’s age of social media, particularly Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, we’re seeing more women than ever slipping into their hottest most seductive lingerie and posting their sexy selfies for the world to see. And hey, why not! Why wouldn’t you want to show off your impressive curves or your beautiful body in all its glory?! We as women should be proud of our bodies and want to show off the goddess-like beauty (no matter our age, shape or size) that lies beneath our typical every day attire – at home, at work and at play.

However… The issue here is that lingerie has increasingly become something that many relate to as sexualised, leaving some women thinking that lingerie, whether suspender belts, stockings, or anything else, is something that should only be worn when looking to induce an activity involving sex, or to get the approval of their social media fans and followers. Of course, I will be the first to say that lingerie is incredibly sexy and rarely fails when creating stimulation and raising a man’s… “eyebrows”.

Women such as Dita Von Teese, Tess Holliday and curvy model Anna Sawyer (@ladygingerlust pictured here wearing our high waist lace suspender belt) – are all perfect examples of powerful women who love lingerie and are proud of their figures. I have friends, single friends, who have been reluctant to buy ‘special’ lingerie despite being in love with some of the retro suspender belts and girdles found in my shop. When I ask them why, they state the obvious. Well, I’m single, and I’m not big on social media. Who would I wear lingerie for? And my answer every time is, “for yourself”.

You are the most important person on this planet

There isn’t a person in the world that we should be aiming to satisfy any more than ourselves. When a woman slips in to her most glamorous piece of lacy lingerie and looks in the mirror, she should see staring back at her empowerment, femininity, sexiness and strength. She should see confidence, pride and feel enough self-esteem to be able to say I, and my body, are beautiful in every which way. Of course, no woman should feel they need a sexy pair of hold-up stockings or a tightly fitted corset to be able to have these feelings. We are all beautiful no matter what item of clothing we choose to wear. But wearing a gorgeous piece of lingerie in our favourite colour has actually been proven to boost confidence and give women the empowerment and self-worth that comes from within. Knowing this is what’s led me to wear lovely lingerie whenever I leave the house, and I couldn’t feel any more empowered!

But isn’t it uncomfortable to wear great lingerie all the time?

Settling for a pair of oversized granny panties for the purpose of comfort is no longer necessary and won’t do any favours for our confidence. Lingerie manufacturers are aware of this and are increasingly using higher quality finer fabrics and designing these garments to fit for comfort not just for show, or to be thrown on to the bedroom floor in a tangled mess of lace and straps. No longer is lingerie designed in the same way as the Victorian days where the fitting of the garment came before the wearers ability to breath. Now, lingerie is comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis, which in turn gives us the empowerment that we deserve throughout the day.

Final Note

It is a scientific fact that when we feel our best, we perform at our best. And those around us will see and feel our aura shine. People will naturally be pulled towards our good feelings and be sucked in by our positive energy. Whether these are strangers (soon to be friends), a gorgeous man that you’ve had your eye on, or perhaps even your boss who has seen the positive benefits you’ve brought to the company. New friends, new relationships and maybe even a juicy little promotion at work. All thanks to the power of lingerie.


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