Do you wear stockings or tights?

Stockings or Tights?

Will you be seduced by the return of stockings? They are hidden from view but surely there’s no mistaking who wears stockings There’s more choice in the shops, but is it really so easy to tell who wears what? Helen Carroll asked five women to reveal their secrets Hidden from view they may be, butContinue reading

our top 5 picks for valentines day

Lingerie for Valentines Day

Only just recovering from the Xmas break which we spent in New York and already Valentines Day is almost upon us. It seriously has taken this long to get over, going back to work actually felt relaxing after 2 weeks of what I can only describe as ‘mania’ in NYC. It really is an amazingContinue reading

Lingerie Gift Ideas from Swanky Pins

Lingerie Gift Ideas

5 Lingerie Gift Ideas – Either as a treat for yourself or for someone else As we are die-hard fans of the retro styles, obviously we think they are the best choice for all ladies 🙂  Modern suspender belts for instance are far more befitting to girls with virtually no body fat, ladies without aContinue reading

lingerie for xmas

Xmas Party Lingerie Ideas

With the Christmas season approaching fast, its time to start thing about what to wear for those endless Xmas parties, dinners and family gatherings. To justify your spend on an outrageously priced party outfit, despite the fact that it’s ‘perfect’ for you, its essential to turn that great outfit into absolutely fabulous by pairing itContinue reading


Cyber-Bullies Attack Lingerie Shoot by Amputee

Reading an article in the Mirror this morning regarding the Alton Towers amputee Vicky Balch’s ( @vickyj_b ) latest boxing shoot, it was pretty disgusting to hear about the attacks on her from cyber bullies for modelling lingerie last month. What is wrong with these people, what do they actually get from abusing someone onlineContinue reading

Silk and Lace French Knickers

Lingerie – How to Choose the Right Lingerie

Get your Lingerie Right & Feel a Million Dollars! We all want to wear lingerie that makes us feel good about ourselves. When we leave the house, we want to feel exceptional, confident and appealing to others (whether in a sexual or non-sexual way), and choosing the right undergarments can help us achieve this. Whereas inContinue reading


Ballerina Hosiery

Our recent new order from Ballerina Hosiery has us pleasantly surprised and we are really impressed with the quality of the stockings and lovely packaging provided for each pair. Ballerina (Hush Hush) have been known for creating unique collections of quality hosiery for many years, focusing on a high level of quality, elegance, comfort andContinue reading


Body Chains & Body Jewellery

Celebs & Fashion Week Embrace Body Jewellery Fashion Week for Spring 2016 and body chains are one of biggest trends happening, making an appearance in London, New York, Milan and Paris at fashion week. Body chains are definately having a moment this year, with chains available for almost any part of the body. Amber RoseContinue reading